The Leprosy Mission 

Leprosy Mission 02a

In the West, leprosy is considered a disease of historical and biblical times. In developing countries though, leprosy is still a very real and dreadful disease.  Although it is a disease of poverty, it is easily curable and the cost of treatment isn’t prohibitive. The reason that leprosy is still so prevalent is because sufferers, often in remote villages, cover up their symptoms to avoid social stigma and fail to seek medical help. Leprosy Mission’s work is therefore as much educational as medical; but help is also psychological, with counselling offered to help former sufferers cope with family rejection.

The Inghamite Church has a long history of supporting the work of The Leprosy Mission stretching back more than 80 years. Visiting speakers have attended our Sunday services. Recently the Ladies’ Fellowship and the church have given substantial annual donations. In recent years, on the last Sunday in January we have joined with Christians around the world for World Leprosy Day to learn about and pray for the work of TLM. If you’d like to find out more about this disease and the work of Leprosy Mission visit their website and, of course, we’d encourage you to pray for this organisation’s work.