Funerals have been taking place here since the founding of the Inghamite church in 1750 and during that time around 30,000 people have been buried here. We are now running short of burial space, but we have enough new graves for a few years yet.  We are also running short of cremation niches but hope to build more niches in the near future.

If you are recently bereaved and wish for your loved one to be buried here inform your funeral director who will contact the minister. He in turn will contact you to arrange a meeting to talk about what you want in the funeral service. Although funeral services in church must, of course, be Christian in character, we are open to considering anything you want to include in terms of music, readings and participation by family members and friends. 

You do not need to have a funeral in church in order to bury or inter ashes in the churchyard. It is not unusual for burials to come here after funerals in other churches. The minister would be happy to say some words and prayers at a burial or ashes interment if you would like him to.

We are also able to perform cremation services at any of the local crematoriums. Again, ask your funeral director to make contact. You may wish to inter ashes in one of our ashes walls or in an existing family grave.